Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Hello lovelies,
Where has the time gone? Right now it's hard for to remember when I had a life where there was free time to blog or binge watch Netflix or go on daily hikes with my dog. Those things seem like luxuries now. I'm in a busy season of life, but I am loving it. These days, there's not a lot of time to sit down and breathe. This week is spring break though, and I'm savoring this time before it disappears.
We're only half way into this semester, and it's already held a lot for me. I'm in my last semester of community college, and have been preparing for my transition to my hometown's university this fall. *Fingers crossed it will all go smoothly* I'm working so, so, so hard to keep my grades up, because I want to raise my GPA before my transfer. This semester has held two sciences, one lab, a fourth level foreign language class, and a communications class.....so it keeps me hopping. When I'm not at school, or studying, then you can pretty much always find me at work. I absolutely adore my job, and I'm a tinge bit of a workaholic, but I do my best to keep the balance. I'm happy that I've found a job that I love so much. I'm there usually 25-ish hours a week, and I just recently got a promotion that I'm over the moon about. Needless to say, work is my second home. Besides work and school, I've been keeping very busy with my maid of honor duties. I'm currently planning a bridal shower + a bachelorette party, and the countdown is on! Only 47 days until the wedding!! In the little bits of time outside of that, I still try to fit in daily workouts, time taking care of my fur babies (plus my new beta), spending time with my family, and keeping up with things like laundry. I've definitely seen some sleep deprivation, and more coffee than a person should ever consume, BUT I love this busy season of life, and I feel really blessed for everything that I have. God is good, and I'm so joyful.
Here's to late nights, early mornings, six cups of coffee, hilariously misspelled text messages, mountains of homework, and the best coworkers in the world. Go live your best life- because nothing is stopping you.

xoxo, em

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