Monday, October 17, 2016

It's Okay To Be Scattered

I feel like I just breeze onto this blog every few weeks and leave some breathless, rambling post about how scattered I feel and how busy my life is. I keep hoping I'll come back and tell you how I'm so on top of my life right now and I'm accomplishing great things, but the truth is I'm living my college years and that in itself is an adventure. I've learned SO many things this semester! Like how there's more than one path and it's different for each person. My decisions are mine because they're right for me, but they may not be right for you. People will still try to put you in a mold of what you "should be", but really there's a whole slew of possibilities of what you "could be". It's just up to you to pick one.

Today was another scattered Monday. At least I felt scattered. I constantly have that feeling that I'm forgetting something. I seem to be permanently short on time these days. I'm always studying or working. My social life is texting, snapchatting, and talking with my friends in between classes. I had a bad headache all day, and I decided once I got to school that I really didn't like my outfit. My hair was having a mind of it's own, and I realized that I didn't have a single pencil in my backpack.
Then again, today I aced a psychology exam. I actually understood what was going on in Spanish class and I crushed the vocab quiz. I figured out my classes for next semester, and I'm completely prepared for enrollment tomorrow. I got in an hour workout at the gym, complete with cardio and weights. I got to catch up with some really sweet friends on the bus ride. I got to take a power nap and it felt pretty darn good. 
So for every moment that I feel scattered and like a hot mess, I'd say I'm pretty much slaying this college game right now. I'm taking 15 credit hours, working two jobs over thirty hours a week, volunteering at my church, going to bible studies, spending time with my family, working out for an hour everyday, and giving my all no matter what. I make mistakes, I'm not perfect, but I give 110%. 
I'm just a girl with a love for the Lord, trying to glorify him in all that I do.

xoxo, just a girl

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