Sunday, September 4, 2016

Here's The Thing About Friendships

Friendships are a funny thing. They're not always constant- they ebb and flow with the rhythms of life. I've had points in life where I've felt really lonely. Where I've struggled to make friends, and spent many Friday nights watching Netflix with my cats. Then, there are times like what I'm going through right now, where I have so many incredible friendships in my life, and I feel guilty for not having enough time for them all. I don't know how I got to this place really. I don't know if I can pin point what changed for me. I do know that I am incredibly blessed though. I do know that I am so, so thankful.

I'm thankful for the friend that I got to go have brunch with, and go to the sunflower fields and take polaroid's with.

I'm thankful for the friend that joined my family for a Thai food adventure in the city, and ended the evening sitting by my pond, chatting about life.

I'm thankful for the friend that I got to grab coffee with and talk about deep stuff before classes, just because we had an extra thirty minutes to spare.

I'm thankful for the friend I get to ride the bus with and talk about such incredibly powerful, thought provoking things with.

Here's the thing about friendships- it's tough, but it's good. I won't pretend that friendships are easy, because they're not. They are messy, and frustrating. They require dedication, and patience, and a lot of grace. But they are also rewarding, and fulfilling, and life changing. My friends are like a bouquet of flowers. They are all so different, so unique, but oh so beautiful. I'm blessed that Jesus has put such amazing people in my life during my college years. All I know right now, is that I am going to appreciate every moment with the people that make my life a little better, just by being themselves.

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