Saturday, June 25, 2016

7 Style Hacks for Short Girls

Hey there! If there's one thing I know a lot about it, it's being a shortie! At just 5'2.5 I'm definitely a firm believer that the best things come in small packages! Being on the short side means I have different challenges than the average person- many of those being in the wardrobe department. So today I'm gathering up my favorite style hacks I've gathered over the years, to share with my fellow shorties!

1) Cuff those jeans! I cuff a lot of my pants and jeans, because there is nothing worse than jeans that are dragging the ground. I started doing it years ago, simply because I'm short and my jeans were long. I still do it today because I like the little something extra it adds to your look.

2) Shop in the petite department. Fortunately, most online stores offer petite sizing now a days. I really like American Eagle's high waisted jeggings in the petite sizings.

3) The midi trend is your new best friend! I got super excited when the midi length hit the fashion scene, because it's the perfect length on petite girls! 95% of the time midi length skirts and dresses hit as a normal length on me, or they will hit at more of an ankle length, which works as well.

4) Crop tops aren't always crop tops. Believe it or not I can actually buy quite a few crop tops, and they aren't even crop tops on me! Paired with a high waisted skirt or pair of jeans, they look perfect.

5) Knot EVERYTHING! I'm the Queen of Knotting. It's a quick and easy way to custom tailor things on the fly, and make your outfit look 10x better. As a petite girl, loose clothing is never going to look good on me. I simply drown in all that excess fabric and end up looking 25 pounds heavier than I am. I love to buy stuff on the bigger side though, knowing that I will knot, tuck, or belt it. I knot loose tshirts in the back, so that they hit just right with the skirt or shorts I'm pairing them with. I'll add a knot in maxi skirts or dresses to make them more of a midi length. Knots are everything!

6) Roll those sleeves! I cuff the sleeves on most button downs and flannels, so as not to end up overwhelmed by the shirt. Cuffing sleeves is another easy way to make something a little more custom.

7) Subtle heels are your friends! As a short girl, I'm beyond obsessed with heels, or anything that will give me height. As a Midwest college student though, I don't wear a lot of heels, because that's just two dressy for my lifestyle. So the best casual ways to incorporate heels are with booties! I have tan booties, brown booties, and black booties and I'm constantly looking for more to add to my collection! I usually aim for about a 3-4 inch heel height, but do whatever you're comfortable with.

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  1. These are such great tips! Short girls, unite! ;)