Monday, May 30, 2016

The Great Chop

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." -Coco Chanel

Coco really knew what she was talking about. I'm a firm believer that life is too short to have boring hair. I'm young, so why not cut it and color it and just have fun with it?!

This past weekend I decided to just be fearless and jump all in. So on Saturday morning, I sat down in my hairstylists chair at eight o'clock, and said, "I'm ready for the big chop- let's take off ten inches."

As someone who has almost always had long hair, this was a huge step for me. I think in a way, a lot of my identity has always been in my hair. I've always been described as the "girl with the long blond hair". I would curl it and tease it and hairspray it until it was the long, luscious curls that everybody dreams of. I loved my hair, so everyone was so shocked when I cut it. The thing is though- I felt like by doing this, I would change everything. My hair was like my safety net. Like I could hide behind it in a way. The minute I looked in the mirror and saw my new, short hair, I knew everything was about to change. It's really crazy what a haircut can do for a girl. My short hair makes me bolder. It makes me feel more powerful and assertive. I feel fearless. And I love it! It's sassy and playful and just plain fun! It changes my whole look, so I've found myself wearing new outfits, wearing less makeup, more jewelry, and walking with more purpose. I'm loving this new found freedom in my self!

Remember this- hair is just hair. It can always grow back. So don't be afraid to take a few risks. I'm in college, so now is the time to have fun with it! I have a whole checklist of things I want to do with it. I want to dye it dark brown, I want to bleach it, I want to get teal on the ends of it, I want to get extensions. I just want to have fun with it!

What are your hair dreams?

xoxo, em

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  1. It looks great! I cut my hair off the day I graduated and it makes me feel the same. It's like you become this whole new person.