Monday, April 11, 2016

My Vegan Experience: 10 Days In!

Hey guys! So if you remember from one of my recent posts, I decided to go vegan for sixty days! I started on April 2nd, and I'm now ten days in! I still think it's on the early side to be telling any major differences, but I can tell you that I'm loving it! Honestly, veganism is not restrictive like I thought, and there are lots of options! I've even eaten out three times, and I've been able to find things to eat every time. Rice & beans are one of my staple meals, but that's because I really, really love rice & beans. My biggest advice would be to not limit yourself. Eat the foods that you enjoy! I have felt like my face is looking a little clearer, and I've been leaning out a little bit. I'm trying to not weigh myself too often, because I don't want to become fixated on a number. Overall, I'm loving the journey so far, and everything I'm learning! I love finding new vegans to follow on Instagram and YouTube, and finding new ideas for meals. I love finding new products that are vegan at the store! This past weekend I enjoyed a veggie sushi roll, cashew ice cream with chocolate coffee sauce, and falafel! I have so much fun trying new things and experimenting with different flavors. Sometime soon I'll share my vegan grocery list, my favorite vegan treats, and what I eat in a day. I'll try to do a check in every ten days to share updates with you all!

xoxo, em

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