Saturday, April 2, 2016

I'm Going Vegan?!?

Yes, you read that right- I'm going vegan! Why? That's a great story actually! If you know me at all, then you know that I'm passionate about health, nutrition, and fitness. I've struggled in the past two years with acne, weight, food allergies, and health problems. I've tried many different approaches to diets over the years, but I haven't quite found the right one for me. After doing much research, I decided to go vegan for 60 days to see how it affected my acne and overall health. I feel that 60 days is a good amount of time to really judge how I feel and the pros and cons of this lifestyle. I've dabbled in vegetarian/veganism before actually. Last summer when I became really sick with pneumonia, my body was basically attacking itself, and I couldn't handle a lot of foods, especially meat. I didn't eat meat for about a month or two, and while I enjoyed it, I came back to my normal diet for the sake of convenience, and not knowing enough about it. Now I'm at a place where I believe this could really benefit me. I'm doing this for both health and ethical reasons. I've been a bit careful to put this information out there, because I feel like veganism is met with such controversy. People either love it or hate it, and sometimes they're quite vocal about that. At the end of the day though, it's my life, my health at stake, and everyone has that right to decide which is the best approach for them. I'm so excited to see where this takes me and really dive into the lifestyle! I've been following Freelee the Banan Girl for a long time, and I just recently started following Nina + Randa. Both youtube/instagrams are amazing, and are a must for newbie vegans! There are many different approaches to this lifestyle, but I think for the first month I'm going to go with a more low fat, high carb approach, and depending how that goes I may try to do a Raw til 4 approach.
Tips are always welcome, so feel free to comment below! (Just please keep it friendly!)
As always I'll be documenting my journey on my Instagram @em_tonedup.

xoxo, em

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  1. Thats great news, I went vegetarian at the beginning of the year and feel great. It also benefits the environment hugely, as well as your health. The agricultural industry is the biggest killer to our planet, for carbon emission. Go you!