Monday, December 14, 2015

Psams 138 {Blogmas Days 13 & 14}

Hello lovelies!
I'm feeling much better today, and although I'm still taking it easy, I've been able to start embracing winter break! I've spent the morning cleaning, doing laundry, grooming the dog, painting my nails, and doing devotionals. Winter break is like a breath of fresh air, and it's one I certainly needed.
When I was feeling really crummy the other day, I flipped open my Bible and it fell open to my favorite Bible verse. Crazy coincidence? Nope, I think God gives us what we need exactly when we need it. He knew I needed some extra encouragement, so Psalm 138:8 was the answer.

"The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever- do not abandon the works of your hands."

I first read that verse when I was thirteen, and it has become my life verse. I can't tell you how many times I have quoted that verse, to myself, and to others. I love that verse because it gives me purpose, it gives me hope, and it reminds me of God's great love for us. God has an amazing plan for each and every one of us! Doesn't that make you feel so special? It's especially important for me right now, because this is a point in life where it is easy to feel overwhelmed or lost. I don't know exactly what God's plan for me is, or what direction I should take with my life. I do believe though that God will guide me, and in his perfect timing, he will reveal his plan for me.

What is your life verse?

xoxo, em

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