Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lately, My Life {Blogmas Day 6}

Hello lovelies!
It's been f o r e v e r since I've done a "Lately, My Life" post. I used to do them all the time, and they were always my most read posts, but I think it's been a good year or two since my last one.

Finals week has officially commenced. Dun dun dun!! Haha, it's actually not going to be too bad. I took my final for Literature on Friday, my Social Problems one is tomorrow, and then my Spanish final is on Friday. Bottom line- finals are not fun! But I'm thankful that I don't have any finals in math or science, and I'm ready to push through the week, and be done!

Been loving all of the Vlogmas videos on Youtube! Especially Heidi Somers aka Buff Bunny! Her videos always make my day. A few semesters ago I started watching them during my lunch break, and now I feel like Heidi is an old friend. Her Vlogmas videos have been so amazing and I've been loving watching them everyday!

Spotify. I know, I'm embarrassingly behind to hop on the band wagon, but I just got Spotify last month and I'm in love with it! I love making new playlists with all my favorites. Currently loving Carrie Underwood's entire new album + Justin Bieber's new album + a touch of throwback Beyoncé songs.

It's the holiday season! I've been enjoying all the holiday traditions, like my town's annual Old Fashioned Christmas Parade, all of Starbucks holiday drinks, and decorating the Christmas tree with my family. Christmas always brings out the little kid in me, because I get so giddy over the joy of the season! I just wrapped all of my families Christmas presents yesterday and have them all under my mini tree. I truly believe their are few greater joys in life, than the joy of giving.

I've really missed doing these types of posts, so maybe you'll be seeing more of them again soon. Have a wonderful week & don't forget to slow down and really enjoy the season.

xoxo, em

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