Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's Blogmas!! {Days 1 & 2}

Happy Blogmas to my beautiful blogging family!! I'm so excited because this is the first year I will actually be participating in Blogmas. Throughout all my years of blogging, I've always been too busy during the holidays to make time for this. I decided that I would do it this year, no matter what, so here I am! I'm planning lots of fun posts on wishlists, recipes, outfit ideas, and life advice. Please know that some days may just be a quick note here or there, but overall I'll strive to put together some fun posts!

Upcoming posts include:

My Christmas Spotify Playlist
Perfect Pet Presents
The Best Holiday Cookie Recipe
My Black Friday Haul
Being Single in College
Things To Know About Freshman Year

Please let me know of any requests you have for holiday themed posts or life advice! I'm thinking of starting a weekly life advice series where readers could submit questions. Just an idea I'm toying around with!

Happy Blogmas lovelies! I'll be seeing y'all again real soon!

xoxo, em

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