Monday, December 28, 2015

Con Amor {Blog Name Change}

Notice that new header? Yes, you read it right, According to Em is no more. I decided that after five years, I was ready to end that chapter of my life. I've been wanting to take a different approach with my writing, and a name change seemed fitting. According to Em was my baby- my first blog. It started off as a photography blog, then morphed into a bit of a beauty and fashion blog, and finally ended as more of a journaling blog. It treated me well and taught me a great deal. According to Em saw me through my high school years, but now that I'm in college, I am ready for the next step. "Con Amor" means "with love" in Spanish. It's a seemingly simple and catchy title, that also has a sweet depth to it. Since doing missions work in Costa Rica, the Spanish language is dear to my heart. I am currently learning the language, and I enjoy speaking it when I can. I wanted to incorporate it into my title, as I feel it's going to play a big role in my future. My hopes and dreams for Con Amor are this-
I plan to really take this to the next level in blogging. In January I'll be starting a weekly series called "The TIU Diaries" to track my fitness & health journey. I'm going to start writing more advice posts, and talk about college life, relationships, friendships, and current events. I'm going to dig a little deeper, and write about the nitty gritty, right up there with the glamour and joy. This is real life, and we don't sugar coat things here on Con Amor. I'm excited for this next step in my blogging journey! So with all that said, welcome to Con Amor, my fresh new blog.

con amor, emalee

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  1. Love, love, LOVE the new name! I did a name change on my blog this fall and it was a refreshing, new start. I'm excited for upcoming posts!