Monday, October 12, 2015

I'm A Country Girl And...





I'm a country girl, but...

I don't own a truck. (Proud Ford Explorer owner right here folks!)

I don't have a southern accent. (apparently midwesterns do have a slight twang though)

I've never been hunting.

I'm not always wearing jeans, flannels, and cowboy boots. (I mean come on guys!)

I'm not uneducated.

I don't have a horse.

I'm a country girl, and...

I love country music with a huge passion!

I've mastered the art of driving, running, and biking on gravel. (There's a big difference!)

I love bonfires, camo, trucks, shooting ranges, getting dirty, family dinners, fourwheeling, animals, the outdoors, and cowboy boots. (okay, some of the stereotypes are on point)

I can cook like nobody's business!

My red cowboy boots are one of my most prized possessions.

I live for the county fair and the demolition derby every July.

I will always say that the country beats the city.

I'm a proud redneck girl. Hardworking, honest, loyal, sometimes sassy, headstrong, God fearing, all-American, family gal, with a fierce heart and a love for life.

I'm a country girl. It's in my blood. It's who I am, and I couldn't be more proud. Country isn't what you wear or where you live. It's how you were raised. It's your family, your values, your beliefs, your passion. It's your life.


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  2. YES!

    And p.s. You're freaking adorable.