Saturday, October 10, 2015

10.10. 2015.

"Don't stop believin', Hold on to that feelin', streetlight people"

We live for those moments that make us feel most alive. A few weeks ago I was to a party, jumping around on the dance floor, surrounded by people, as we all sang the lyrics to Journey's, "Don't Stop Believin" at the top of our lungs. The music was so loud, and all you could really see was the disco ball overheard. In a moment like that, all I could feel was joy. Despite the very overwhelming part of college, it is filled with so many wonderful moments.
I've realized something. People make us feel so many things. People make us angry, disappointed, heartbroken, happy, lonely, joyful, sad, etc. But at the end of the day, it is the people that we go through life with, that we want by our side in those moments.

*Reuniting with one of my closest friends from high school. We hadn't seen each other in two months since we're going to different colleges. I've missed her so much it hurts, and when we saw each other we just ran and hugged.

*Girls night with another dear, dear friend. Having incredibly honest, deep conversations, talking about things I wouldn't talk about with anybody else. Jamming to Beyoncé, taking many snapchats, and eating fancy burgers.

*Hiking, country music, chipotle, late night ice cream... just a few of the adventures I've had with my new friend from Pennsylvania. She's been such a refreshing blessing this semester, and we just get each other.

I've met so many amazing, beautiful, caring, loving people this semester, not to mention all of the deep friendships that I carry in my heart, from high school, summer camp, and so many other memories.

You don't always realize when the moments are becoming your best memories.

xoxo, em

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