Thursday, August 20, 2015

Should I Even Care?

"In a world full of people who couldn't care less, be someone who couldn't care more."

Recently I did a lot of thinking and reflecting as I prepared to enter my freshman year of college. I was feeling burnt out on life, and I decided that I was letting my heart get in the way too much. I felt like I always cared too much. I cared about other people, about their feelings, I cared about animals, I cared about helping others... I just cared. However I've found myself living in a world of people that couldn't care less. The world tells me to get ahead I need to focus on ME. I need to put MY needs first. Society tells me I need to be a strong, independent woman. People tell me I'm just too sweet, and that sweet people get walked all over. Which brings me to where I was last week. I wasn't excited about returning to school, and a number of different life events had just left me feeling burnt out. As I always do when I'm doing a lot of thinking, I found myself deep in conversation with God. This quote came to mind and it was like God was speaking to my heart. I could hear his voice as clear as day, "My child, not everyone will understand your heart or why you care, but believe me, it's a gift, not a burden. You were made to care for a reason. So keep on caring."  God gave me exactly what I needed to hear, and to understand. It was the refresher I needed, and I entered freshman year so excited, and ready to serve the Lord with my whole heart.

First day of college life! I witnessed so many small acts of kindness, from people holding doors, to an incredibly sweet bus driver that welcomed me back and told me to have a great semester.

Despite what others may say, I believe that caring isn't a weakness. I have a big heart, I care.... and I will keep on caring.

xoxo, em


  1. I adore this post!! I've sometimes thought that I just care too much too, but this post was extremely encouraging. Thanks for posting this, Em:):) <3

    Grace Anne //

  2. I totally relate! I hate it when people look at you like "aww you're so cute" because you're a caring person. It's like it's become cool to not give a shit about ANYTHING. I do believe that in some situations the less you care, the better, but overall it is a great quality to mind what is around you!