Saturday, August 22, 2015

First Week Down

I survived first week back to school! I wanted to hold onto the carefree days of summer forever, but going back to school wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. This semester I'm taking Business Calculus, Spanish I, Literature by Women, and Social Problems. That's fifteen hours, which adds up to one full schedule! I'm determined to stay on top of homework (and life in general), this semester. Calculus is like a foreign language, and Spanish is... well Spanish is a foreign language. Todo va a estar bien, aunque.

College life has reminded me of something. Fresh starts. New chances. In some ways college is like a do over. You don't have to be who you were in high school. I don't have to be the shy, sweet girl for the rest of my life. The point is- just because everyone else has always put you in a certain mold, doesn't mean you have to be that person in college. This is the time for new beginnings.

Aprovecha el dia! (Seize the day!)

xoxo, em

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