Monday, July 20, 2015

Thoughts on College



While some people are still enjoying the lazy, carefree, days of summer, my thoughts have already drifted to my soon to be impending doom. Ahem. I mean freshman year.

I'm doing what I guess you could call the non-traditional college route. As a homeschooler I did three semesters of online college courses, and then last year I spent the second semester of my senior year at a community college. I'll spend my next two years at that same community college before transferring to a university in my hometown. I'll be doing all of this while living at home and working part time. While I'm watching so many of my friends prepare to pack up and move away, I'm realizing some things.

In some ways this semester isn't that much different than last semester. Of course now I'll be full time and I'll officially be a college freshman. I'm actually really happy about the fact that I'm going into freshman year so prepared. While everyone around me is filled with nerves, I feel like a pro at this whole college thing.

Here's some things I've learned so far:

*Maintaining a healthy diet and consistent workouts is so important to me this year. The freshman 15 is no lie! I've been there, done that.

*STUDY! Study a lot. You know how you balanced everything in highschool? Let's not lie- you had a pretty awesome social life, you worked part time, and you were on the track team, all while maintaining a solid 3.8 gpa. Forget high school kids. Welcome to college life. You can no longer study for a test the night before and call it good. If you choose that route, prepare to FAIL. College is all about studying, studying, studying. It didn't take me long to realize this, and the sooner you figure it out for yourself, the better.

*You will be tempted to skip class. Maybe all your friends are skipping class to go to the lake, or maybe you're tired from staying up late watching Netflix. Either way, just get yourself out of bed, and go to class. Last semester I think I skipped a total of two classes, and I still regret that one College Algebra class I skipped.

*You will consider changing your major. In fact you may actually change your major... three times. Don't get stressed out about it. Everybody at least questions their major sooner or later.

*College friendships are tough, and kind of weird. You will make friends or little groups in each of your classes, and you may actually become real friends, but don't expect to ever talk to those people outside of class. At best, by the end of the semester you may be friends on Twitter.

My experiences were definitely different, because I'm currently attending a community college. I'll be commuting by bus, three days a week, to a different town. While my experience at community college has been a little... shall we say interesting? I'm still happy about that decision, and I'm happy with the school I'm going to. Getting your gen eds out of the way at a community college saves you so much money, plus the class sizes are a lot smaller, and professors are a lot easier to talk to.

I've got 28 days and counting until my freshman year begins. My books are ordered, and I'm currently picking out a backpack, and very soon I'll be doing back to school shopping. (Yay, shopping!!) I've got mixed feelings about freshman year, but I'm ready for whatever these next four years may hold.

xoxo, em


  1. I love when bloggers have been at it for a long time, and you get to see them progressively grow and get older. It's also a bit sad as well, to watch everyone go from being a teenager to being an adult. <3

  2. This is extremely helpful!!! I'm saving this post for when I head to college! :)
    Grace Anne

  3. I'm a homeschooler too, and starting my sophomore (high school) year. Last year I did the "oh-I'll-just-study-once-and-it'll-be-fine" method. This year I'm taking honors and two extra classes so I'm sort of freaking out--so this post actually helps me out a lot ^^

    (Also I'm thinking of maybe taking college courses at my local community college either this year or next year--what year would you recommend?)

    O | Life as a Young Lady