Friday, February 6, 2015

Fit Fridays: Winter Workout Gear

"Winter Workout Gear" by emfx on Polyvore
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There's something about shopping for workout gear that I just love. I mean, I adore shopping in general, but there's something extra special about finding a killer pair of Nikes that you know you just have to have! Or those amazing workout leggings in the crazy pattern that you just love! When I buy a new workout outfit, the first thing I want to do is go workout in it! And isn't that the point? To feel extra motivated and love what you're wearing? It may sound really silly, but what I wear directly effects how my workout goes. It's true! If I just slap on some old sweats and a baggy shirt, I feel blah, so my workout goes pretty ho-hum. But when I put on some fun, fitted, colorful workout gear that I love, I suddenly feel full of energy and always have a killer workout.

So today I'm sharing what's on my workout gear wishlist! I tried to make it as affordable as possible, while not sacrificing the quality of the clothes. Because the truth is, a great pair of Lululemon leggings can change your life, but who wants to spend $98 buying them?!

The tops:
Black & Gray Tank//Gapfit//$35
Black Jacket//Gapfit//$65 Actually just bought this beauty and I'm obsessed with it!!
Black Long-sleeved Shirt//Gapfit//$35
Purple Top//Nike//$30

The leggings:
Blue Striped//Nike Legend Collection//$53
Just Do It leggings//Nike (Macy's)//$60
Black Leggings with Stripe//GapFit//$65

The shoes:
Light blue with black stripe//Nike//
Black & Gray Cheetah with Coral//Nike//$115

My favorites: As you can see it came down to two brands. I started out looking at multiple sites, but for me, it came down to my tried & true favorites.
GapFit is my go to. It's reasonably priced, and the stuff holds up well. They're constantly getting new stuff in, which makes any shopaholic happy! The great thing about Gap is that they're having sales & deals all the time, so I often get stuff for way less than the original price! Watch their clearance too!
Nike, oh how I love thee. Nike is on the expensive end of things, but the quality is amazing, and the designs are always sleek and colorful. I'm pretty partial to my Nike shoes, and I hope to add some of their apparel to my workout collection soon!

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  1. I'm SO glad I found your blog! Especially for the fitness side of it. I'm really bit into fitness and it's so incredibly hard to find bloggers who are, or post about it. I've got a couple of fitness questions for you. I read your Tone It Up story (love that site), and I wondered, since you started so young, as did I (I'm still young), did you lose any weight? Or just try to add more definition to yourself? Also... food. Is there anything you try not to eat most of the time? (I'm talking like carbs and stuff like that).
    I'll be following on insta!

    Molly Marie