Monday, January 5, 2015

#SpreadtheLove- A Blogging Series

Over the past few months I've continually felt God's whisper in my ears and on my heart. Again and again it was one single phrase- Spread the love.
At first I was confused. I didn't know what he wanted me to do... but I knew he had a plan. Whether I was writing blog posts, tweeting daily verses, talking to friends, or going through a difficult situation- that phrase continued to pop up in my mind and in my life. I couldn't escape it, and I feel that God has a reason for it all. And I think I may have found the answer. In the past few weeks God has put it on my heart to really think about my blogging. Why I do it and what I'm doing it for. After much contemplating I have decided to do a blog series, a devotional, inspiring, thought provoking series of sorts, all titled- #spreadthelove. I was hesitant at first. This is something I've wanted to do, but I was also unsure. Would I really find something to write about each week... and would people even care enough to read? I'm taking a leap of faith on this one, but I trust God to guide me and lead me.
I feel like this is just the beginning. I don't know what God has planned for me, but I do know that he has a plan.
What is this series? It's going to be a weekly series, so one new post a week. I haven't picked a day yet, so stay tuned! Each week will have a different topic. There will be verses, stories, lessons, and so on. I'll be discussing things like how to say no to negative thinking, how to love difficult people, and how to be a light in a dark world. This series has been inspired by my high school years, my life so far, and my journey in faith and the person I am becoming. In everything I have been through in life, love has been the answer.

with love,


  1. I can't wait to see what is planned. <3

  2. CANT WAIT! God is using you for amazing things, it is a blessing to witness and be apart of it!