Monday, January 26, 2015

How to Stay Healthy During the School Year

Hello lovelies,

We've all been there. Those crazy moments where you're trying to juggle school, sports, activities, work, family, and a social life! Let's face it- during the school year a lot of us just go into survival mode, and don't return to our normal selves until the first day of summer break. Am I right?

As a health & fitness enthusiast, I definitely struggle during the school year to keep everything in balance and lead the healthy lifestyle that I want. Because the truth is there is no time to workout, and the stress of life makes you want to toss every good food out the window, and just enjoy some junk food with your friends.

While it's still a balancing act for me, I do have some tips on how to make it all a little easier:

1) You have to make time to workout. I treat my workouts like an appointment. I actually pencil them in on my planner! When I have my workout nailed down- what time and what I'm going to do, I'm more likely to follow through.
There's no "right time" to workout. You have to do what works for you. All that said, I personally find it is much better to workout first thing in the morning, that way I'll have my workout done for the day, and be full of energy. Of course this also means getting up earlier. My morning workout is like some people's morning cup of coffee. I need it to wake me up and start the day off right. A few tips for making it easier-
Set your alarm (and no snooze button!).
Lay out gym clothes the night before OR you can just sleep in them.
Go to bed earlier. You still need to be aiming for eight hours of sleep, so if you're getting up earlier, then go to bed earlier!
Plan your workout before hand. I follow the Tone It Up weekly calendar, so every Sunday I write down all my workouts in my planner. The night before I will look at my workout for the next morning, and grab anything I need (i.e.. put running shoes by the treadmill, get laptop set up with dumbbells next to it, etc.)

2) Let's talk nutrition. As important as my workout is to me, the real part of living a healthy lifestyle comes down to what you do in the kitchen. Did you know that the way you look is 80% nutrition and 20% workout? 80%?! That's a big number!
The truth is, when it comes down to diet, it can be really confusing! There is simply way too much information out there! Don't make things complicated though. In my experience, different things work for different people, so not everybody's diet is going to look the same. For me I focus on fruits, veggies, protein (meat, beans, or nuts) and a few grains (oats, quinoa, or rice). I try my best to avoid dairy, gluten, sugar, and processed food. I  use the Lose It app on my phone, and absolutely love it! Calorie counting isn't for everybody, but it works for me.

A typical day for me is:

5:45- workout (usually 30 minutes of cardio, and 20 minutes of toning)

6:45- breakfast time! I love smoothies, 2 eggs with veggies, or oatmeal with fruit and sometimes nut butter.

11:00- lunch time! Usually it's leftovers, soup, garbanzo bean salad, tuna salad, or a wrap.

3:00- I don't always have a snack, but if I do, I love apples, larabars, smoothies, baby carrots or pepper sticks with hummus, bananas, homemade trail mix, or mixed nuts.

5:30- dinner time! Whatever my family is having. Our dinners are always from scratch, and are healthy. I make sure to have protein + veggies. If rice, quinoa, or potatoes are on the side, I will have some, but I skip any form of gluten or dairy, that they might be having.

8:30- I try not to eat before bed, but sometimes I need a little something. It's usually a big mug of tea with a piece of fruit (sometimes with nut butter).

While that all looks good, just know that I'm not perfect. We all have days where we skip our workouts, give into cravings, or eat a lot of chocolate. Don't beat yourself up over it, because it's okay! I don't strive for perfection- just progress.

It's a lifestyle, a journey, so enjoy the ride!

xoxo, em

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  1. Hey Em! I just found your blog and I really love it. :D Great post by the way! I have recently started to work out more,,,feeling stronger and healthier than ever before is the best! :)