Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter Fun Checklist

Happy Christmas break!! I've been on break for almost a week now, and have been loving every minute of it! Because I'm the Queen of Lists, I of course had to make a checklist of fun ideas for over break! Here it is:

Winter Fun Checklist-
*Drive around with the family and look at Christmas lights. (Our family tradition!)
*Find the biggest hill around and go sledding
*Go Ice skating and then go get hot chocolate
*Have a girls shopping day
*Have a winter photoshoot
*Watch an overload of Christmas movies
*Listen to your Christmas Pandora station non-stop
*Make Christmas cards for friends
*Decorate a Gingerbread House
*Make gingerbread men
*Build a snowman
*Read a new book
*Have a family game night
*Write letters to friends who live far away
*Have a snowball fight
*Bake cookies to share with friends
*Catch snowflakes on your tongue
*Donate to a local food kitchen
*Help little kids write a letter to Santa Claus
*Decorate your bedroom/house for the holidays

Have a wonderful week and look out for more holiday themed posts!
xoxo, emalee

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