Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Three Years

Do what you love
On the 25th of October, my third blogging anniversary quietly came and went, without so much as a word of acknowledgement from me. Truthfully, I forgot about it. What with the craziness of college classes, midterms... and now finals, and then of course the holidays, blogging has pretty much been the last thing on my mind. Despite that, I wanted to take a moment (even if it is two months late) to celebrate this journey and how far I've come.
Three years ago I was a shy, slightly awkward fourteen year old that was still finding my place in this world. I had just begun to dabble in photography and had watched a few friends start cutesy little blogs. After much careful thought, procrastination, and planning, I created my account on blogspot, and hit publish. Three years later, and I'm still here.
I'm so proud of this journey, and all that I've learned from it. To some people, it may just be another blog, but to me, it's a part of my life. Blogging taught me the value of good writing. It helped to further my passion for photography. It introduced me to some amazing people, my "blogging buddy's". It showed me a community where people support and encourage one another in the best ways possible.
More than anything though, blogging has taught me that I have a voice, and that that voice is worth hearing. It gave me a quiet confidence, a renewed love in writing, and a joy for the simple things in life.
So thankful for the past three crazy, but wonderful years. Here's to many more!
xoxo, em


  1. Congratulations on three years! And let me just say that your blog has been such a inspiration for me through the years!

  2. YAYYAYYA!!! I've loved you from the moment I found your blog. Your heart is golden and that light is evident in everything you do!

  3. *skips happily around the room* CONGRATULATIONS EM!!! Your blog is absolutely adorable and it's a big accomplishment. Celebrate with brownies!! (whether or not you do so I will celebrate for you, because I'm so selfless like that)

    Chloe | Curious Ramblings

  4. Congratulations, Em!
    I tagged you for the Winter Wasteland Tag :)