Monday, October 6, 2014

What Are You Chasing?




Post inspired by this video.

What are you chasing after? Whatever it is, it will never be enough. Only Jesus can fill the desires of your heart. If you look for happiness, value, or success in other things, you will only end up disappointed, because nothing and no one can fulfill our needs like God can. We all have times in life when we lose sight of what is important and chase other things. Even I've had those moments where I got focused on having a social life, being fit, or being great at this or that. And then, in a still moment, in the midst of the craziness, I heard Jesus saying, "Come as you are." See, that's the wonderful thing about Jesus. He doesn't care how many Instagram followers you have, or how fast you can run a mile, or who asked you to prom, or what college you got into. He just wants to love you the way you are. He just loves you! He's been chasing after you this whole time. Isn't it time you run to him?
Everyday I'm running to him, and he has been answering my prayers, and leaving my heart full. With God, you're never alone. He's always there, whispering verses of encouragement in my ear, and reminding me how magnificent he is through it all. He's my best friend, , my advice giver, my listener, my leader, my father, my savior, and My God.

Run to him. It's never too late, or too far. He's waiting, with arms open wide.

xoxo, em

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