Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Are You Friendly?

Jesus was a friend to all, and he wants us to be that way too! Remember the popular Bible story about Jesus and the little children? The disciples started to turn the children away, but Jesus stopped them. If you read through the New Testament you will find some reoccurring themes in Jesus's life. Jesus was so busy in his short time here on earth. However, he was never too busy. He never acted like he was in a rush, or like he didn't want to talk to someone. Jesus cared about everyone, and disliked no one. The rulers, children, lepers, criminals, blind, rich, poor- he loved them all!
In reflecting Jesus, God wants us to love everyone also. I was reading in my devotionals earlier, and it asked, "Are you friendly and approachable?" Immediately I replied, "Yes, of course!" Then it asked, "But are you really?" I began to think of instances where I let shyness get the best of me, or where I was too tired, or maybe I was trying to be friendly, but I didn't look that approachable.

Author, Elizabeth George came up with her "Commandments of Friendship". Using some of hers, and some that I added, I came up with the list below.

Smile- smile at people. Smile for no reason. Just smile!

Call people by name- Sounds a little silly right? However I was thinking about personal experiences, and I always feel more special when people use my name. I always love it when people call me Em. Growing up, only my Mom called me that, but now the majority of my friends and family call me Em. The point is- learn peoples nicknames in addition to their regular names. Find out what they like to be called.

Be generous with praise- Encourage others, acknowledge their strengths, give genuine compliments, and praise them in their efforts. Imagine what the world would be like if we praised and encouraged instead of gossiping and critiquing?

Be alert to give service- Always be ready to help, with a smile on your face. Help wherever you can. You never know what others needs are. Sometimes they may surprise you. Whether it's asking how you can pray for someone, volunteering at church or school, helping that elderly woman across the street, or holding a busy mom's baby for a minute. You can help others in so many ways!

Be considerate of the feelings of others- It's always important to be aware of others people feelings. Be careful to never exclude, always say kind things, never be rude,  and be thoughtful of the opinion of others. Remember to put yourselves in other peoples shoes and think about how you would feel.

You can never have enough friends- I know its easy to get comfortable with your friend group, and stop reaching out to others. When your social life is going great, and you have a few amazing best friends, its so easy to get caught up in the whirl of it all. Let's look at Jesus though. Yes, he had a few close and trusted friends, but he was also friends with everyone. He always included, called people by name, offered a listening ear, helpful advice, and showed compassion, and kindness.

Today I added something new to my prayer list:

That the Lord will bless me with a friendly and approachable spirit.

Over the past few months, again and again, the Lord has been putting a message on my heart- Spread the love. Be the light this world needs.

Part of spreading the love is by being a friend to all, like Jesus. It may seem like a small thing... a simple thing, but if we truly spread the love we could change the world. Those little things can add up to big things! You may only be one person, but YOU can impact so many people!

So what are you waiting for? Go change the world!

xoxo, em


  1. This is an amazing post!
    I love your blog, Em!


  2. I love when people smile at me for no reason, just a way of feeling loved. Great post and super cute dog ;)

    Cathy // HELLO, CATHY

  3. Wow...This post is beautiful, Em! It really made me think, because at first I had that iniatal response too, "Oh, ya, I'm friendly!" But I never really thought about how, when people do these things to me; call me by name, help me with something; I can do the same to others! Thank you for the thoughts. =)

    ~Jess <3

  4. Your post is fantastic, sometimes we all need a little reminder of what friendliness actually is. You did a great job with that.
    Kelsi xo
    Messy Bits

  5. Thanks for the great reminder! Jesus is truly good.

    Check out my blog: www.myblue-striped umbrella.blogspot.com