Saturday, August 23, 2014

Chopping My Hair Off!

It's kind of ironic that the day after posting "How To Get Long, Healthy Hair", I cut mine. I've had long hair for all of high school, and it was time for a much needed change. I feel like I'm in that place where I'm starting to experiment more with my personal style. My hair has always been long and blonde. Outside of getting highlights twice a year, and sometimes adding more layers, my hair has stayed the same. Although I didn't cut it drastically short, I was still nervous when I went into the salon. When I walked out of the salon though, I felt so much lighter. Seriously, you have no idea how heavy long hair can be! I'm in love with my new hair cut, and I plan to keep it short for now.
Don't be afraid to make changes if it's something you want. Remember, it's just hair, and it will always grow back!
xoxo, emalee


  1. Haha! That is ironic! It's so cute!! I love it! =D I cut my hair quite short last summer, and yes, it is sooo much lighter! I'm sure you will like it! =) You are very right, changes can be very good every once in a while, and hair will grow back! lol

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  3. Looks great! Thinking about cutting mine too. People don't realize how hard caring for long hair can be!