Monday, August 25, 2014

8.25.14 {Active Dreaming}



Make time for the things you love. That's been one of my mottos lately. Sometimes its all too easy to get caught up in our lives and focus on the mindless, petty stuff, instead of focusing on our passions. What lights you up? What makes you smile? I'm still finding new passions of mine all the time, by continuing to push myself to try new things and chase dreams. Lately though I've been renewing passions like photography, drawing, and writing.

There's a quote that I love that says, "Do it now. Sometimes later, becomes never." What's on your bucket list? What are things that you promised yourself you'd do at some point?
Be proactive. Make it happen!

I'm not very athletic, so one day recently I decided, "I'm going to start running. Who cares if it's hard and my legs ache, and my lungs burn? I'm going to suck it up and I'm going to be one amazing runner!"

I follow the Free People account on Instagram and a while back they had a "30 days of movement" where they showed a different amazing yoga move every day. I was always blown away by the photos and it constantly reminded me how I'm about the most non-flexible person ever. Then one day I realized, "why am I sitting here dreaming about it, when I could be doing it?" So I screen shotted several moves I wanted to master and set aside time every day to start doing yoga.

I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar, and in the last year that longing has only intensified. I always told myself I'd do it someday. But what if someday is never? So I started doing my research, and this week my Mom and I are going to go price guitars and look for a teacher.

The point is my friends, don't let your fears, your business, or what other people say, hold you back. Don't let your "later" become "never". Sure, some dreams are bigger than others and may take time, money, and patience, but the bottom line is, never give up on the things that drive you.

Here's to active dreaming,


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  1. Beautiful and encouraging post, Emalee. I'm learning to try and make my "somedays" become "todays." =)


    ps. Love the pictures!