Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On Stepping Out

*I wrote this post over a month ago, and somehow I forgot to ever post it.
VBS Servant Squad 2014

Hanging with some of my campers, and two fellow servant squatters.
Last year I decided I wanted to start stepping out of my comfort zone more. So I made the decision and applied to serve on the servant squad (aka jr. counselor) for my church's VBS Missions Trip for middle schoolers. I made it onto the squad and had one of the most amazing, and challenging weeks of my life.
This year I eagerly awaited the opportunity to serve again. This trip was met with much excitement, nostalgia, and some sadness, because this would be my last year that I could serve on the squad.
This year I can easily say that I had the best week of my life. I was pushed so far out of my "comfort zone" that I'm not even sure there is a "zone" anymore. Take for example the fact that I led group games not once, but twice, and I was shouting into a microphone while doing it. While that may seem totally normal for some people, I grew up painfully shy and very quiet. Even a year ago, I wouldn't have had enough confidence to do something like that. Not only did I do it though, I loved it! I loved leading my own dorm room of girls this year. I loved the nightly reflection talks, the bus rides, the laughter, and most importantly praising the Lord all the while.
I loved being able to lead and encourage so many young girls. More than that though, I love the amazing friend circle that the Lord has blessed me with. Our servant squad became very close through out the week and we made some amazing memories together. Lots of laughs, bonfire talks, excessive use of hashtags, star tripping, and encouraging one another through the whole week.
It wasn't all sprinkles and icecream though. I didn't even know it was humanly possible to be that tired. By the end of the week the squad felt like zombies as a result of getting about five hours of sleep a night. My birkenstocks rubbed my feet raw from all of the walking, and by Thursday night I was limping. When I got home from camp I also discovered a horrible tick bite that caused a late night trip to the emergency room, since all of the doctors offices were closed. That trip resulted in me being put on antibiotics to help kill the possible chance of lyme disease. On the bright side though, that caused me to finally conquer my fears and swallow my first pill! (Thank goodness all of that is behind me!)
I can easily overlook those things though, and if I had the chance, I would do it all over again.
Step out. Take chances. Never tell yourself that something is "too far outside your comfort zone". You don't know until you try!
I came back from this week utterly happy, with renewed confidence, and an even deeper love for our great God.
xoxo, em


  1. This post is so inspiring!
    By the way, I used to have Lyme's disease... but we didn't find out until several years after I was bitten!
    I awarded you the Sunflower award, you deserve it. :)

  2. AWW. I feel like we have both kind of been through the same thing lately, and I'm SO HAPPY for you Em!