Thursday, May 1, 2014

Today I Choose Joy

The sky was a bright, spring blue and the grass was lush from too many april showers. Daisy was running ahead of me on her leash and every now and then she would run through a white dandelion, sending it's cotton ball like petals upward in a giant puffy, cloud. The air was chilly, but smelled fresh and crisp.

I picked a window seat on the campus bus and settled down with my phone and earbuds for the hour drive back to my hometown. I gazed out the window while song after song played on my Pandora station. Music is my like my therapy. To me, a song can speak a thousand words.

6:15 and my alarm was bleeping in my ear for me to get up. A peak through my blinds showed me that the world was still dark, and held that "pre-dawn" kind of glory. I flicked my long, blonde hair into a high ponytail and fired up my laptop. Grabbing a pair of dumb bells I jumped right into my workout, trying my best to keep my eyes open.

These are just a few snapshots from my life lately.

These moments from my life all have something in common. They all serve as a reminder to cherish the little things, and to find the positive in every situation. What I didn't tell you about those precious moments was that I was trying to keep my puppy distracted so she wouldn't bite my hand for the hundredth time. Or that I had to run to catch my bus and almost missed it. Or that I would have done anything not to get up that morning to work out. The point is, is that no moment, no day is going to be perfect. Every day when I get up, I make the decision to choose joy and not let the circumstances of that day effect my attitude. Over and over again, I choose joy. Because it's worth it. Because I want to find the happiness in every moment. And because every day has a reason to have joy.

Today I choose joy. What do you choose?

xoxo, em

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