Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Casual OOTD



This year I've really challenged myself to get back to my natural roots. With makeup, hair, and clothes. I've challenged myself to embrace the messy hair days, the athletic clothes days, and the no makeup days. If you know me, then you know that I tend to always be overdressed, regardless of the situation. I can't help it! This girl loves dark colors, skinnies, heels, and lipstick. I wouldn't be caught dead going out of the house in sweats, or wearing pj's to the grocery store. Sorry, it's just not me.
This outfit was my happy medium. It was simple and casual, but had enough "extra's" to it to make me feel nice.
sunglasses//Urban Outfitters
Keep a look out for one or two new makeup product reviews coming this Sunday!
xoxo, em


  1. I love the outfit! I've noticed that white converse are really in right now! I love that you are trying to go without makeup once in a while. I need to do that as well.
    Messy Bits