Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lately Lovelies

Birthday selfies with my best bud! Yesterday I finally turned 17, and I couldn't be happier! I had such a fun day- shopping with my family, going out to lunch, and just relaxing.
My daily reads. Demi Lovato's Staying Strong, Max Lucado's Grace for the Moment, and one of Karen Kingsbury's books. (She's my favorite!) One evening last week I slipped out and sat in the driveway with my cats while the sun was setting. The air was warm and the world was at peace. I sat there contently writing in my prayer journal and reading. Those are the moments that I live for. The raw, real, quiet moments that bring unspeakable joy.

I'm so in love with this photo of Thor. I caught him mid-yawn and the results were hilarious! Can we say photography perfection?


I'm such a smoothie girl and I like to make one a couple times a week. Frothy fruit smoothies in old mason jars are my favorite combination!

Last week my darling kittens turned one year old! Above is Peeta's transformation and below is Thor's. I can't believe how much they've changed!

Sometimes I miss those fluffy kitten days!

Some of my favorite songs right now are from the Grace Unplugged soundtrack. Aly Michalka's voice is so pure and beautiful. You have to check it out! My favorites are You Never Let Go, Desert Song, and All I Ever Needed.
xoxo, em


  1. Happy 17th birthday for 3 days ago !? Your cats are so adorable !
    Eb x

  2. I love your blog! And you are a wonderful photographer. You have a new follower!!

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