Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hello & Goodbye


The other day I picked up my camera for the first time in weeks. I felt that old longing. The urge to capture the life around me in pictures. Lately I've been realizing how precious each and every day is. Not only do I want to make the most of every moment, I want to capture it. I want those memories- the journal entries, the photos, the videos, all of it. My life lately has held some new adventures, as well as a sad goodbye...

We welcomed a fluffy new "fur baby" into our family. Eight week old Daisy bounded into our lives with a longing to be loved and played with it. She's a sweet, and spunky English Setter//Lab//Golden Retriever Mix and was the last in a litter of nine puppies! She's laidback, but also stubborn and sassy. Overall she's a major sweetie and has captured all of our hearts.

*Rest in peace Chloe*
April 6th 2012-April 2nd 2014
Less than a week after Daisy arrived my precious, black, kitty disappeared. It's been about a year and a half now since I lost my first pet, Cali. Cali's death absolutely crushed me and left me devastated. My black kitty Chloe was just a baby kitten then and was the pet I turned to in my sadness. Chloe would have been two on Sunday. Chloe was your typical black cat. She was funny, a little creepy, and very mellow. She loved every single cat and dog she met and last spring she had six kittens in our basement. Chloe and our other female cat, Fern were inseperable since they met, and we also kept two of Chloe's kittens, Peeta and Thor. Typically once kittens are twelve weeks old the mama cat weans them and leaves them be. Chloe was not that kind of mother! She babied her boys to no end and they were constantly snuggled up together while she licked them and still let me them nurse on her.
It's never easy losing a pet, and I miss Chloe greatly, but I do believe that God has a hand in all of this. From the moment she went missing, I started praying, asking for the Lord's will. Of course I wanted her back home by my side, but lately I've started praying for the Lord's will instead of just being self centered and asking for what I want. I believe that for reasons I can't yet understand, it was Chloe's time to go.
Through the Lord, I can find peace with all things. He's my Savior, my comforter, and my all in all.
kiss, kiss,








  1. Your photos are so adorable. Your dog looks so cute. But I am sorry about Chloe. I hope you do find her...
    Eb x

  2. Poor Chloe!!! I'm so, so sorry about your loss. She sounds adorable. You're brave. I bet her babies are in good hands.

    And those puppy photos are to-die-for cute. :]