Sunday, February 2, 2014

What I'm Loving Right Now at Aeropostale!

Bethany Mota's spring collection launched today at Aeropostale! I've been so excited for it ever since watching this video  last week. I love Beth's fun & young sense of style and how she puts outfits together.

Here's what I'm loving right now at Aero:

This feather v-neck tee, paired with these light wash high-waisted shorts, and this drapey cardigan.

This denim jacket is adorbs and would go perfectly with this skater skirt, and this coral crop top.

I'm also loving these southwestern combat boots! They're perfect to pull together any look, and I love them because you could wear them up in the fall, or fold them down in the summer.

A few other things that caught my eye while I was on the Aero site were-

these rosegold sandals   from the Pretty Little Liars collection. (Newly released today as well!)

this stunning, but delicate necklace  also from the PLL collection

and this floral tank. Perfect paired with white jeans or tucked into Beth's highwaisted shorts.

What is your favorite piece from Beth's new collection?

xoxo, em

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