Friday, January 17, 2014

Staying Strong

The hardest thing we can ever do is to be honest about our struggles. No girl wants to talk about her insecurities or her fears, or her darkest secrets. But when you do, big things can happen. Just look at Demi Lovato!

Recently I've been being inspired by Demi's new book "Staying Strong- 365 Days of the Year". In it she explains why she's felt so strongly about sharing her story. There are so many people out there that may be struggling with the exact same things you are, but you'd never know it, because nobody's brave enough to stand up and talk about it!

On day three Demi challenged us to share our story, because we never know the people it may impact. Immediately my mind started swirling with all of the things I could share with you guys. I want this year to be different for my blogs. If you guys haven't noticed I've been making more of an effort to post more and to write about whatever's on my mind. I've been sharing makeup reviews, fashion posts, life posts, recipes, and workout motivation. I want this year to be about more than that though. I want this to be the year that I break down the walls here on my blog. While I've strived to always be real with you there are many aspects of my personal life that I have chosen to keep private. Slowly, as I feel ready I'm going to be sharing some of it with you over the course of this year. Why? Because it helps to show other girls that we're all real, nodbody's perfect, and we all get hurt sometimes. Because I believe in Demi's mission. I love that she was so honest and real about what went on in her life. She did a very brave and courageous thing, and because of it millions of girls are now being honest about their real life struggles.

So lovelies, here's to a beautiful, new year.

Let's be honest.

"Stay strong, be brave, love hard, and true, and you will have nothing to lose."

all my love,



  1. This is a great post Em! I haven't gotten it sadly but I've wanted Demi's book SO much since it came out! You're right, almost no one wants to come clean about whatever they're struggling with, but I know Demi definitely helped me change that and everyone else should be inspired by her too! She's the most amazing inspiration huh?
    Also, this was an amazingly written post <3

  2. i love Demi Lovato so much! She is such a great inspiration...