Monday, January 20, 2014

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Review

Happy Makeup Monday beauties!! Today I'm bringing you a review on the much talked about Revlon Just Kitten Kissable Balm Stains. 
These little cuties retail for $8.99. That's quite a lot for a drugstore lip product! Overall, I think the price is definitely worth it though. You get a lot of product for the price. Also, there is a pretty decent color selection. I believe there are ten shades total, ranging from pink, to purple, to orange, to red, to brown!
The packaging is pretty darn perfect. Especially for a drugstore product! They remind me of a jumbo crayon. The color of the package is pretty spot on with what the color of the lipstain actually is. (On a side not, I hate it when the color on the package is nothing like what the color on your lips is!) As you use up the product you just turn the base to crank up the lipcolor. With that said, you get a decent amount of product in the tube. The only complaint I have about the packaging is that the bottom is slightly curved, so these will not stand up for very long. I like to line all of my lipsticks up on my bookcase, but I'm going to have to lay these down.
Unlike most lipstains, these little cuties are not drying! They have a glossy look and feel, but are not sticky. They have fairly decent pigment, that can be built up. The initial layer is a little sheer, but can be built up to a pretty solid color. As far is endurance- the color stays forever!! Especially with the darker colors.
Many people have talked about how these smell minty. I noticed it with a lot with the Charm shade, but not so much with Lovesick. Personally, I really like the minty smell and the slightly tingly sensation that Charm gave me.
This one is in the shade Lovesick. The packaging makes it look like a hot pink-fuchsia shade. On my lips it was more of a pink/purple/coral, and was really pretty. It did make my teeth look a bit yellow, but I think if you have more of an olive complexion (I'm really fair), then this shade would be perfect for you! Since this is a darker color, it lasted for a really long time on my lips! I applied it and then went to eat dinner. It was still there after dinner! After a few hours I went to shower and thought I wiped it off, however my lips still looked rosy when I went to bed that night.

This second shade is called Charm and it is a true peachy shade. Please note though, that somehow my camera made this look very orange! In person this is not bright orange at all, but a warm nude/peach shade. On your lips it's pretty subtle. I wore this last summer when I was a counselor at summer camp. I loved it because it didn't look like I was wearing anything, but still made my lips look nice.

Heart swatches of each of the colors. (Lovesick on the left, and Charm on the right)

Love it or leave it? Probably love it. I think these are really perfect for summer because they stay on your lips and have a great selection of cheery, bright shades. They are a product I tend to forget though, and up until I did this review, I hadn't reached for mine in months. That's not to say they aren't an awesome product, they just aren't a true love for me. Maybe more of a strong like. I'm going to give them a second chance though, and plan on using them over the next few weeks.

If you would like to see all of the colors swatched, then I recommend this youtube video.  Skip to 6:10 to start seeing the swatches.

What beauty buy would you like me to review next?

xoxo, em

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing this! I really want to get one now! :)