Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lately Lovelies

Hello lovelies,

Here's a few life moments of lately-

I  recently came to the realization that about 70% of my Instagram is cat pictures. The first picture above shows a very typical snapshot of my everyday life. All four cats take turns coming to the back door, wanting in. I often let them in for naps in their kennels, or just for cuddle sessions. The cats are typical cats though, and they do everything in their own sweet time. Thor is the one with the puss n' boots eyes in that first picture. He is such a big baby! He's nine months old, and sixteen pounds of love.
The second picture shows my other kitten, Peeta. He loves to climb all over the vehicle, and will often hop up on the moonroof and star down at us.

Post workout smoothies in mason jars. Yum. This one was mixed berries, spinach, and orange juice. Even though I love veggies, I'm not the best about getting them into my daily diet. Throwing them into my smoothie is a simple and easy way to get those greens in. Plus, I swear, you can't taste them at all!

Custom workouts. Oftentimes I get tired of following workout videos. I want to do my favorite moves, listen to the music I want, and target the body parts I want. Plus, I love writing up my own workouts! So I blast Pandora (usually either the Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Maroon 5, or One Republic station), grab some weights, and get sweating. This morning I did two quick circuits- one for legs and one for arms and abs. I'll be doing a second workout this afternoon. Probably a mixture of strength training with 8 pound weights, and some shadowboxing. Here was this mornings workout-

Remember my last post where I talked about being honest about my struggles with y'all? I'm thinking some of the first topics I want to cover are my struggles with acne and eczema. Not the most pleasant topics, but they're both things I know a lot about. I'm sure I'm not alone in these battles. If you're interested in hearing all of my tips and product recommendations, then comment below!

Makeup reviews coming soon on the Burts Bees Intense Hydration Moisturizer, Rosebud Lip Salve and the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. Stay tuned!

xoxo, em

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  1. Your cats are so cute and i can't wait to see your next posts !
    Eb x