Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This is Our Year.

Here we are. It's December 31st, 2013. The closing of a full year and the dawn of a new tomorrow.

2013. Where do I even begin? This has been such a wonderful year. No, honestly, it hasn't been a "full, jampacked" year, like some people's, but it was full for me. Full of hope. Full of priceless moments. Full of firsts.

This year held my sweet sixteen. My first time flying by myself. My first job. Getting my permit and taking drivers ed. My first college class. My first pair of glasses. My first time volunteering at summer camp. Assistant shooter at another wedding. A few photoshoots. And our first litter of kittens.

I've been planning and listmaking and goalsetting for this new year, and suddenly it's upon us. I have plans for this year. Lots of plans. Goals and hopes. Some people may say that they don't believe in new years resolutions, but I do. To me it's a time to hope and dream. To make promises. To change. It's a second chance, a clean slate, and I plan to make the most of it.

A few of my goals for this year: Buy a car, be more athletic, develop great arm muscles, grow my hair to my waist, take more risks, read more.

This is what I want for this year- To care less, and to love more. To worry less, and to have more joy. To dance in the rain. Find the light in the dark. To be completely carefree, just because.

Two trips to Tennessee to visit the besties. Feeling so blessed to have such amazing  friends. Girls to laugh with and share secrets with and drink coffee with. Besties that get me and accept me.


A family vacation to Colorado filled with breathtaking views, tranquil mornings, wading in streams, and hikes through the forest.
Doing something completely out of the ordinary for me, just because I felt like it. Volunteering for a week at VBS camp and helping out with 7th and 8th graders. Finding a "camp family" with five amazing people and having one of the best weeks of my life.

B + T coming back for a few visits.


Reuniting with one of my favorite cousins, and childhood best friend. There's nothing like family.


Being blessed with five adorable kittens. Tending to those balls of fluff and watching them grow up was such an experience.

We side sad goodbyes to three as they went off to their forever homes.

 Now I'm the mommy of four sweet bundles of joy and I couldn't be happier. They've brought countless moments of joy into my everyday life and never fail to make me laugh.

Because you're never too old to dress up.

Making one of my dreams come true, by launching a second blog, Little Miss Fit, for my loves of fitness and nutrition. It's still a work in progress, but I'm enjoying it every step of the way.

Quiet moments. Sweet moments. Moments with babies and little girls and Disney movies and coloring books. Moments of playing with pots and pans. Moments with big imaginations and laughter and squealing. Moments of happiness.
A few photoshoots with family and friends.

The sneeze.



Here we are at the end. Here we are at the beginning.
Well loves, here's to 2013. A year of moments of amazing happiness, heart bursting joy, unbearable loneliness, haunting sadness, growing confidence, caring deeply, and laughing when there's nothing else you can do.
I'm welcoming 2014 with open arms. 
This is our year.
xoxo, em 


  1. OMG, I love your goals, they are so like mine! Your pictures are beyond words, they are cute, adorable, entertaining, and they show how much you enjoy being with the people you love. Please post more!!!

  2. You are such a sweetheart, I love your goals and these photos are so beautiful. It is sowonderful to have friends who let you be yourself!