Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide- Cozy & Simple

I've showed you my girly girl holiday gift guide,  and my fashionista gift guide. Today I'm sharing my "cozy & simple" gift guide.
This gift guide is really for anyone. It's for the girl that appreciates a good cup of tea, the woman that values cozy and cute clothes, and the person that just likes sweet things.
Not sure what to get your best friend, sister, or niece? I've got you covered!

Victoria's Secret Pajama's I seriously wish that all of my sleepwear was from Victoria's Secret. Their pajama's are incredibly comfortable and oh so pretty. I have the cotton mayfair pajama's, which are currently on sale for $39.50!

Celestial Teas What girl doesn't love tea? Celestial teas (which are sold are at Target) are one of my favorites. They have a huge selection of flavors and are 100% natural. I love their Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea, as well as their peppermint and sleepytime flavor.

Cute mugs. You can find tons of adorable, inexpensive tea mugs at your local Target. If you want to really get a gift to impress, then try any of the Anthropologie mugs. They're especially well known for their Monogram Mugs.

Bath and Body Shea Infused Socks I love mine and have numerous pairs. For only $7.50 these make a great gift that everyone loves! (By the way, your local Bath and Body will have a bigger selection than what is online.)

Sticky Fingers Scone Mixes I love giving gifts like scone mixes, gourmet coffee, or cookie cutters. People always love them and they're always used right away. I found this scone mix at World Market and have made them several times. They offer tons of flavors, as well as Gluten Free ones and muffin mixes.

xoxo, em

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