Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lately Lovelies


Both my blogs have been quite neglected this past week. I'm back now though, typing away on my laptop. Just posted this healthy mac n' cheese recipe over at Little Miss Fit! It's super yummy and is sure to conquer your pasta cravings.

An outtake picture from my Halloween shoot with Chloe. It makes me smile. My slightly overweight black kitty is as freaky as I'll get out and truly is a "Halloween cat". I'm telling you, those big golden eyes of hers look straight into your soul. It gives me chills.

A solo trip to visit the bestie. Nashville. Love me some South. Shopping. Lots of tea. Good chats. Watching our first scary movie together. A hike in the park. A sad goodbye.

Hanging with my other bestie, Tiana. These two sisters are so sweet and we make a lovely little group that is always laughing and drinking coffee. Starbucks is our place, suspense movies are our thing, and you will always find us taking photos of each other, our food, you name it.

I already decorated my room for Christmas. A red velvet throw pillow from World Market. A mini snow globe from Pottery Barn. A white glittery tree sits on my desk. My Christmas tree will come out in a few weeks to be decorated and surrounded with gifts. I love the holidays.

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