Friday, November 22, 2013

Katniss Inspired Makeup Tutorial

While reading this listen to either of my favorites off the Catching Fire soundtrack: Atlas by Coldplay and We Remain by Christina Aguilera
Oh, Catching Fire. Where to start? Last night was the premiere of the sequel to the Hunger Games. I saw the first showing at eight and let me tell you- for those 2 1/2 hours I was completely enraptured in the movie. I can say without a doubt that Catching Fire was the best movie I've ever seen. Ever. The movie was brilliantly made and was an amazing adaption of the book.
Can I just say that I love both Katniss and Jennifer Lawrence? I don't think I could say that enough. Here's what I loved about Katniss in Catching Fire- well obviously her clothes were amazing. Like for reals. I love how much darker her hair was in this film too. Her look was taken to a whole new level and gave her a very elegant, sophisticated appearance. Her makeup was stunning. Although she did have several dramatic, capitol inspired makeup looks, most of her makeup was the same. Simple, natural, but incredibly flattering. Jen is one of the most beautiful celebs I know and did an outstanding job as Katniss.
My inspiration for this look:
Katniss's makeup look in District 12 and during the victory tour was stunning. It's becoming her signature look. Subtle, natural, understated, but feminine. Flawless skin with slightly rosy cheeks, lightly filled in brows, a light rim of black eyeliner, and natural pink lips.
Products used:
VS Pro Airbrush Face Primer
Revlon Photoready BB Cream in Light
Maybelline SuperStay Concealer
Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Rose Petal
VS Pro Radiant Face Illuminator
NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette in Parisan Chic
Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara
MAC Creme Cup Lipstick
To prep the face take your favorite primer, warm a bit up in your hands, and smooth it all over your face. We're keeping the makeup very natural and this primer will help to make your skin smooth and looking even more flawless.



 For foundation I took my favorite bb cream and applyed a light layer using my fingers.
Next conceal any blemishes or undereye circles. Remember to use a light hand to keep this look natural.

 For blush you can really use whatever you want. Go with something very natural. Depending on your skin tone that could be a pale pink blush or a deep peachy one. I used one of my favorite cream blushes by Maybelline. For the wintertime they're very moisturizing and I find they always give the most natural effect. Using your fingers rub it onto the apples of your cheeks and out.

 In some parts Katniss's face seemed to have a really pretty glow to it. Instead of using a highlighter I went with this pearly face illuminator. Smooth a small dab on the  tops of your cheekbones. (This step is optional)

For this look I used my favorite eyeshadow palette by nyx. It had all of the colors I needed for my eyeshadow, eyeliner, and brows.
To start, take a light tan color and smooth it all over your lid. Then take a light taupe color and apply it in your crease. Be sure to blend well so there are no lines. Lastly take a matte white and apply it in your inner eye. All the colors I used were matte so as to add to the natural effect.

For eyeliner I took a light black pencil and very lightly lined both my upper and lower lash line. Then I took my small eyeliner brush and using the matte black shadow from my palette I lined just my upper lash line. You want to keep the line thin and clean.

Next apply 1-2 coats of your favorite mascara.

Now that the eyes are done we are going to lightly fill in our brows. I went back and used the light taupe shade from my palette to do this.

To finish off the look just apply any natural pink lipstick. I went with my signature lipstick, creme cup by mac.

Now our look is complete! I wore this look all day and was pleased with how it held up. I love this look so much and am thinking I'll make it my everyday routine. It's so simple and takes only minutes to do. Plus I've been wanting to take it back to the natural side lately. While it's always fun to play around with red lips or smoky eyes, when it comes down to it, it's nice to look natural, like you're barely wearing any makeup. You want people to compliment you on your natural beauty, not your lipstick shade.

Keep a lookout for more Catching Fire inspired posts! I'm working on a Catching Fire workout routine, and maybe a Jennifer Lawrence style steal.

xoxo, em

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  1. I have not seen Catching Fire yet, but I'd LOVE to see your posts inspired by it!!