Saturday, November 9, 2013

How To Look Good Without Makeup!

Today's post is for all of the teens that aren't allowed to wear makeup yet. No matter what your reasons, I've known several girls that don't wear makeup. I hope you enjoy these tips!

Just because you don't wear makeup, doesn't mean you can't have fun! Since people are seeing the real, natural you I want you to focus on three things- your teeth, skin, and eyebrows. Let's break them down:

Good brows can go a long way. Brows frame the face. To get an idea of how much impact brows have on your look watch this video here.   Pretty interesting, huh? I recommend having your brows professionally waxed once a month and then doing upkeep at home. Upkeep simply consists of plucking those pesky hairs that grow in where they're not supposed to. Be careful though! This does not mean that your brows need to be pencil thin! You can even keep your natural shape if you want to. (If you have a bold brow, rock it!) I'm simply saying you should keep your eyebrows groomed and looking neat.
If you happen to have unruly brows with hairs that grow in all directions then I would suggest buying an eyebrow brush and brushing through them when you're getting ready. If your parents are okay with it you could even buy clear brow gel. It dries clear, so you won't even tell you're wearing it, but it helps to keep your eyebrows in place. It's like hairspray for your brows! Personally I don't use this, but I know a number of people that do.

Teeth time! I can't stress enough the importance of good dental hygiene. When I was 13 I could have cared less about my teeth, and it showed. Now I'm a complete fanatic and brush & floss my teeth every time I eat something. Sometimes up to six times a day! Make sure you're brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day and flossing at least once a day. Flossing makes such a huge difference! I promise!
As far as teeth whitening goes... it seems everyone uses crest white strips. They have whitening toothpaste, white strips, professional whitening, and whitening mouth rinse. Unfortunately my teeth are allergic to whitening. I'm serious. I tried it once, and let's just say... it did not end good! So, I've had to be creative! I'm actually going to be doing a post on teeth whitening soon and a few of the DIY methods I use. (So stay tuned for that!) For now I would just suggest brushing your teeth with baking soda once a day for a week and then cutting down to only doing it once a week. (If you do it continually every day it will start to break down your enamel.)

Get your glow on girl! Getting a nice healthy tan can do so much for you! It can help to cover up an uneven complexion, redness, blotchy skin, etc. While I've yet to use a self tanner I would recommend finding a good one for your face. (Jergen's has a great one!)

Pay attention to your skin! You want to keep your skin in tip top shape. What are your skin needs? Is your skin oily, dry, or sensitive? Do you have acne, dark spots, or red skin? You don't have to spend a lot of money to get great products. Browse your local drugstore's aisles or do some research online. If you have dry skin then find a really strong moisturizer and also use an exfoliator about three times a week to get rid of that dead skin. If you have oily or acne prone skin I would suggest using Proactive and look for products that say "oil-free".

Don't forget about those lips! Depending on your parent's rules you can build up a great, little lipbalm stash. My absolute favorites are Babylips! They have clear ones, as well as a variety of lightly tinted ones. I use mine faithfully and never leave the house without it! I also love to exfoliate my lips every now and then. I'm not talking about fancy scrubs though- nuh uh! All you need is a little sugar from your kitchen pantry. It will leave your lips feeling insanely soft and full!

Lashes, lashes, lashes! If your lashes are straight consider picking up a lash curler. Curling your lashes can make a huge difference and really open up your eyes. If you have short lashes you could invest in a lash enhancer. (There are plenty of terrific ones on the market)

I hope you enjoyed these tips ladies! Above all, remember that a smile is a girls best accessory! You don't need makeup to be beautiful. It took me years, but I've finally discovered the most amazing tip to true beauty. Confidence. A confident girl with a big smile can light up a room and make everyone take notice. That girl that is glowing from within is the most gorgeous girl in the world- whether she's wearing makeup or not. You possess a unique beauty that no one else has. Own it. Rock it. Accept yourself. Go out that door today with a big smile on your pretty face, because YOU are stunning, girlfriend!

Song of Solomon 4:7
You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.

xoxo, em


  1. Thank you so much for these tips! :)

  2. Great tips! I don't wear make-up yet, so these were perfect!

  3. So glad you enjoyed them ladies! :)
    xoxo, em

  4. i'm definitely old enough to wear makeup, but these are perfect for those days when i am just not feeling up to it. like today...haha. thanks!

  5. This was so helpful! I normally don't wear makeup so these tips will definitely come in handy. Another tip for eyelashes that I found on Pinterest is to apply a little coconut oil to your lashes to help them get thicker and longer.

    1. Yes!! I use that trick often and it works so well!

  6. Nice tips! I wear makeup, but I'm trying to stop wearing it when I play sports. I'm so used to makeup that it's pretty weird not to wear it. I'm slowly getting used to it! Regarding teeth though, I somehow got lucky with a need for braces right before I turned 16 :P But hey, eventually they'll be off and they'll look better then! For now though, I have to deal with the pains of braces. Enjoyed the post!