Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thoughts of Autumn

Thoughts from the last few weeks.
I've been terrible at posting lately, but that's okay. I've been busy living life, and have been caught up with school, work, and my to do list. My two year blogoversary is this week, so you'll be seeing a special post later in the week!

I. Pumpkin patch adventures. Tromping through the fields. Trying not to get tangled in the vines. Hay mazes. Mini pumpkins. Cinderella pumpkins. Different colored pumpkins. That moment when you find the perfect one.

II. Red lips, fishtail braids, and my favorite 7 for all mankind jeans always complete my workday ensemble.

III. My kitty cats. As silly as it sounds, they complete my life. They greet me when I get home from work. They tap on the door to come inside. The chub, black one crawls under the couch for a five hour nap. Typical. They curl up on my lap to cuddle. They bring me joy.

IV. A sweet booklet, mailed to me from my best friend, 615 miles away. I draw a card from it whenever I'm having a trying day, or am lacking inspiration. One of my favorite cards says, "You were meant to be real, not to be perfect."

V. New pictures of inspiration taped to the mirror in my room. I like to switch them up often. Michelle Phan. One of my role models. A quote from Les Miserbles, reminding me that even in those tough times, things will get better. Even in the darkness, Jesus is still the light.

VI. Coffee dates with friends. Catching up. Mint chocolate iced coffee. Yum.

VII. Chilly autumn jogs have become an everyday thing for me. I pull on a hoodie, lace up my shoes, and I'm off. The grass crunches softly underneath my feet. The slight fall breeze sometimes steals my breath away.

Just last month I was thinking about how I never, ever trip or fall down. I never have embarrassing moments and I couldn't tell you the last time I slipped in public. I've never thought of myself as an incredibly graceful person, so maybe I'm just composed. Well of course in the last few weeks I had to have two not-so-graceful trip up's.
The first was while I was out running one day. I was running at full speed when my foot slipped into a hole and I tripped. My ankle twisted and I caught myself (not so gracefully). Thankfully, my foot ended up not being hurt, but my pride sure was!
The second trip up was in public, (of course) just a week later. I was at the mall doing some late night shopping and made the mistake of wearing my black, heeled boots. Slick boots and slick tile floors don't go together! I was in H & M, headed to the checkout when my feet flew out from under me. I caught myself just short of landing on my butt in a store full of people. I'm pretty sure my face was bright red! I didn't make any eye contact. Just got in the check out line and then fast walked out of that store! Looking back, I'm pretty sure I looked like a fool, and yes, I can laugh at that. I had a good snicker with my bestie over it and definitely learned my lesson! Next time, I'll wear flats.

xoxo, em

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