Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Makeup Tip: Perfect Liquid Eyeliner

Tips for Getting Perfect Liquid Eyeliner:

Practice Makes Perfect! Seriously. No one, and I mean no one is amazing when they first use liquid eyeliner. My first attempts were sloppy, hilarious, and filled with a lot of do-overs! Practice applying it on days when you don't have to go anywhere.

Find your shape. Where should your line start? Is it thick or thin? I don't line my whole upper lash line. Start a little ways in with a super thin line and slowly make it thicker. (but not too thick!) Winging it out is optional. (I don't)

Invest in a good liquid eyeliner. Drugstore brands are the best for newbies to eyeliner, but that doesn't mean they're all trustworthy. The hands down best eyeliners are from Maybelline. I have the Master Precise one and love it!

Look at the tip. You don't want a super chub one or else you could wind up looking like a raccoon. On the other end you don't want a baby thin one either. There for a while makeup companies got obsessed with making thin eyeliner tips, but it soon flopped because you don't have as much control over a teensy little tip. Bottom line- you want a medium sized tip that thins out a little.

And lastly, know this- Qtips are your new best friend. Here's why: once you've applied your eyeliner lightly dampen a qtip and smooth it over your line. This will smooth out any mistakes and make your eyeliner look ten million times better! I promise!

What are your best eyeliner tips?

xoxo, em


  1. my eyeliner always looks something terrible, i just can't seem to get it right. these are some great tips! thanks!

    1. You're welcome Emily Beth! So happy you enjoyed this!
      xoxo, em

  2. I always look like a raccoon after I use liquid liner, hopefully one of these days I'll figure it out! Thanks for the tips!

  3. hey Em! Pretty blog!
    96th follower!

  4. I am not to good at applying eye liner, it looks very terrible on my face. I thinks these great make-up tips would work for me. Thnks for sharing this.