Friday, September 20, 2013

With Time, We Heal

How do you write the post that breaks your heart? How do you share your pain? Last year I shared a very personal post with y'all. The response was overwhelming. One year ago today my calico kitty, Cali disappeared and I never saw her again. One minute she was there, and the next she was gone. That precious cat was only in my life for one and a half years. What a whirlwind eighteen months those were! Our time together seemed much too short, but at the same time, we shared enough memories to last a lifetime. Cali came into my life as a malnourished, abandoned kitten. Her chances were slim, but she had a will to live. I opened up my heart to her and she loved me back. She was my whole world and I knew I couldn't possibly live without her. Then the unthinkable happened and I had to learn how to. I was devastated and it felt like my heart couldn't possibly break anymore.
So, how do you find healing? That's simple. With time. I took it one day at a time and eventually my wound healed, but the scar will always remain.


When you lose a pet:
*Don't blame yourself. Don't even go there. It's taken me nearly a year to forgive myself and accept that what happened wasn't my fault. I couldn't have prevented it. It was all part of God's plan.
*Pray. God and time. That's what will make you heal.
*It's okay to cry. No one has the right to tell you that losing a pet isn't hard, or that you need to buck up and get over it. The truth is, losing a pet hurts, and for some people it's like losing a real person, your best friend.
*Don't rush the healing. Take your time. There's no set amount of how long you should feel sad or when it's time to move on. Do it in your own time.
*Remember. I'm so thankful now that I took hundreds of photos of Cali, documented all the silly things she did, and even captured a few on video.

Now it's one year later and I have four cats in my life. They're all my babies and I love them fiercely, but none of them will ever take Cali's place. I never want to forget why I loved her, or how she changed my life. Cali and I shared that rare connection, a bond that runs deeper than life itself. No matter where I go in life or what happens I'll never forget that day in my Grandma's garage when I first saw that calico kitten. I'm thankful to God for the lessons she taught me.
With time, we heal. Life goes on, but Cali's memory will burn forever in my mind. She's no longer here by my side, but we still share our bond, because it's something that can never be broken. Not even in death.

xoxo, em

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  1. I'm so sorry about your cat, but I am glad that you have had time to heal!