Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Morning Routine {Fall Edition}

Welcome, to my second post in my "Fall into Autumn" series! Today I'm sharing my school day morning routine with y'all!
It's 6:30. My alarm beeps annoyingly in my ear and I shoot awake. That's the thing about my alarm. There's no in between volume. It's either so soft that I worry I'll sleep through it, or it's so loud it shocks me out of my sleep.
I roll out of bed and tiptoe downstairs. Some mornings I'll pause in the bathroom to throw my hair into a ponytail, but most mornings I'm too tired. Once I'm in the craft room, I fire up the laptop, pick up my weights, and workout for 20-30 minutes. I aim for half an hour, but typically I'm tired and have low blood sugar in the mornings, so it turns out to be about twenty. This morning I did the TIU Beach Barre routine, followed by fifty crunches. I like to constantly mix up my workouts, so I don't get bored. :)

This morning workout, TIU's Beach Barre routine. (You can find it on Youtube)

Once I'm done I do a quick check in on the Tone It Up community, and then I typically check up on my favorite youtube beauty guru's, like MacBarbie and Breelovesbeauty, and if they have new videos up, of course I watch them! See their latest videos here and here. They're amazing and made me so excited for fall!

Soon, my breakfast is calling and I head up the stairs to the kitchen. My breakfast is typically oatmeal, but I really love smoothies too.

Breakfast time! Toast with almond butter and a smoothie (banana, cherry, raspberry, + orange juice)

After breakfast it's time to feed my kitties! Feeding four cats is no small task, but I've become a pro at it. Grabbing two cans of cat food, a spoon, and a measuring cup of dry food I head out the door and am immediately greeted by my babies. (Yes, they're my children)

Thor, one of my kittens

 It's a bit of a balancing act, (especially since one of my cats is a pig and will easily scarf down all four breakfasts) but I manage to get them all fed.

Back up at the house I unload the dishwasher and then spend a few minutes getting ready. Since I'm homeschooled I don't spend a lot of time getting ready in the mornings. It's pretty simple- brush teeth, wash face, and put on moisturizer. I'll throw my hair into a braid or a messy bun and then head over to the school table.

My morning skincare routine- Proactive cleanser, Proactive repairing treatment, and the Say Yes to Carrots night moisturizer

So there you have it! My morning routine. Pretty exciting stuff, right?
Comment below letting me know what you'd like to see next in my series!
Enjoy your week!
xoxo, em

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  1. I love Breelovesbeauty too! She's to best. :)