Friday, September 6, 2013

Little Lovelies

*My new design is up!! What do you think? After months of thinking and researching it's finally done and I couldn't be happier with it. A big thanks to the fabulous Miss Sophie for putting in the picture collage of me in on the sidebar. HTML codes make my head spin, so I turned to her for help and she had it done in the blink of an eye! Really, she's fabulous with all things blog design, so if you ever need someone, turn to her!
The blog design is all my own and although it's nothing elaborate, I was craving something simple and sweet.
Now, onto the post!
 A compiled list of the little things I've been appreciating

I. I have a small huge obsession with poached eggs.

II. Sweet thank you cards with amazing artwork


III. Fall inspiration. Smash journals. Love. (All pictures from my Fall/Winter Style board on Pinterest)


 IV. Planners. You have no idea how much I love planners. There's nothing I love more than list making, being organized, and having my day all scheduled out.

What have you been loving?

xoxo, em


  1. those eggs look fantastic! and your new design looks amazing!