Monday, September 2, 2013

Blog Help!

This little blog of mine is in the process of getting redesigned, but I could use some help! I'm not the best at blog design and there are a few things I just can't figure out. I'm having trouble getting the background I want for my header and I'm not sure how to replace my picture on the sidebar. If you're interested in helping me (whether it's a little or a lot) comment below or shoot me an email at If you do I'll be forever thankful and even give you a shout out here on my blog!
Hope you're all having a fabulous Labor Day!
xoxo, em


  1. I'm not the best at blog designing but I can definitely try to help me. If you want you can email me at

  2. I know the basics of designing, and I've designed several blogs. I'm not the best, but I do know my way around html. You can email me at rescuedbyjesus(at)gmail(dot)com and I'd be more than happy to help! xx.

  3. I can help you out! Go check out my blog design page at my blog!