Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rainy days...

Rainy days are a time for...
staying in your pj's as long as possible.
curling up on the couch and watching Toy Story with your little brother.
cuddling with your adorable kittens.
list making. Lots and lots of lists. That makes me happy. :)
toasted ab&j sandwiches (almond butter & jelly)
sleeping in. (I consider 7:20 sleeping in)
cozy sweaters.
my ipod, Bible, and a notebook. I always enjoy that so much.

Rainy days make the best work days. (They really do!) I just started my first real job (besides babysitting and petsitting) and I'm really enjoying it.

Sometimes posts without pictures are nice. I like this post.

xoxo, em


Thoughts from yesterday


  1. haha you do Bible reading like me :) I always have my iPod with me! Sounds like a good day...it's been pretty rainy over here too.


    1. I think it's the best way! :) It blocks out distractions and often times that music ends up inspiring me.
      xoxo, em

  2. Hi Em here for first time and congratulations it feels really awesome when your hard work pays off.! :) From Canberra Deck