Friday, July 5, 2013

My Workout Playlist + an Update

Hello lovelies,
How was your fourth? I spent my day hanging out with my family, shooting off fireworks, and then going to see a firework show!

My fourth of July outfit:
Embroidered Tank//Envy
Shorts//Old Navy
Sandals//American Eagle (not pictured)

Today I'm going to share my workout playlist with you! I like to have a mix of songs on my playlist.

I am obsessed with Come & Get It! It is seriously playing through my head 24/7 and every time I hear it I just want to jump up and dance. Someone Like You by the Summer Set is my latest discovery and is just a really fun, upbeat song.

In other news...

My favorite workouts of the moment are~

Heart on Fire//POP Cardio//Blogilates  I've never ever been a fan of cardio and struggle to survive through most of Cassey's cardio routines, but this one is more of a HIT routine and I can do the whole thing! Don't think that makes it easy though!

TIU Fourth of July Bikini Workout Can I say obsessed? Seriously, I LOVE this workout soooo much! You will need a pair of weights and an exercise ball for this routine. I was pretty sore afterwards and it felt great!

Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge//Blogilates Of course I had to include this one! ;) I've long been a fan of the Squat Challenge because it's such a nice way to change up your workout and burn out those legs and booty!

What are your weekend plans? I'm taking a daytrip with my sissy to the big city to have a shopping trip!! You have no idea how excited I am! Can't wait!

I know I've been a bit of a sporadic poster, but after reading this  amazing post, I was left feeling very inspired and decided to set my intentions for blogging. I'm still working out a schedule and have yet to decide if I'm going to post on certain days, but I can tell you this: You will be seeing at least two posts from me every week. For the time being I'm taking a "beauty direction" for my blog. I know, you probably saw this one coming. ;) I've been posting beauty posts here and there, but really want to put all of my focus on it now. (with some fitness & health mixed in) I'm planning some really fun posts like:
An updated everyday makeup routine!!!
A week in my style
Summer Camp Makeup & Hair... and more!

with love,


  1. Cute outfit! :) I read that post that you linked up, and I think it's great! Thanks for leaving the link:)

    1. Thank you so much! You're welcome! :)
      xoxo, em

  2. Love your hair in that picture - tutorial? And I LOVE the squat challenge... it burns!

    1. Thank you Kryn! I will certainly try to get a tutorial up soon! :)
      xoxo, em

  3. Love your look!