Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Play Ball!

Last weekend I spent my Saturday morning watching my baby brother's baseball game. I felt like a bad sister, because this was the first time I'd come to one of his baseball games this year. I go to his piano recitals, most of his soccer games, and occasionally a swimming lesson or two, but I really don't like watching baseball. I find it boring and this particular Saturday was stifling hot & humid. To make matters worse our seats were directly in the sun. That Saturday wasn't about me though, it was about Sam. I loved watching him swing, run, & catch and was very impressed by how far he'd come in the past year. Being the typical, embarrassing, big sister, I had to snap a few photos of course. :)

Sam up at the plate.


I paused to snap a picture of the moth that landed on my Mom's purse. :)

This one's my favorite!

The fluff! :) Hehe, he'd kill me for putting this one there, but that's our most popular name for him. Growing up with two big sisters Sam had way too many names. Fluff has stuck around over the years though. (in addition to a few others)

Just recently I was reminded what a sweetie pie my brother is. I really take for granted how well behaved and sweet Sam is. Take the other day for example. I'd been gone all morning and when I got back I could tell how much he's missed me. So we laid on my bed and listened to music and talked and then Sam gave me a massage and painted my nails. Here's the crazy part- it was his first time painting nails (keep in mind that he's 8) and he was really, really good. No lie! It just blew my mind. Of course I was thinking hmmm, this could be nice!

I really would like to freeze the photo above and keep him at this age forever. Sweet, loving, innocent. I'll always think of him as my baby brother with the chubby cheeks. The little boy that still comes to my room at night when he has nightmares. The brother that says "What I Love Lucy should we watch today, Em?" The sweetheart that says, "Oh, you look good today!" The boy that leaves ruts in the driveway from his dirtbike, spends hours building lego cities, and has the most adorable laugh in the world. I'll always think of the 3-year-old boy that said, "Someday I'm going to marry you."

He melts my heart.

Xoxo, em


  1. Great pictures!! :) That's so cute:)

  2. That last paragraph made my heart melt :) Little brothers can be pretty amazing sometimes, Sam sounds just adorable and I love that last picture!!