Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TIU Bikini Series~ Week 4

Lean, Clean & Green dinners, unmade beds (a rarity for me, but it felt oh so good.) , B+B surf spray (summer essential!), beach babe dvd (review coming soon!)

We're halfway there ladies! We can do this! I'm down to my last two weeks before summer camp, so I am pushing hard! I did fabulous over the weekend, which I am very proud of! For the past month, weekends had been my stumbling block, because that was always the time I would want to sleep in, was too busy, or a family member baked something delicious and irresistible! This past weekend I proved to myself that I can do this though! It's all about making the right choices, having discipline, and believing in yourself!
I thought I would share my workout log with y'all from the past few days, so you can have an idea of what I do.

Typically I get up at 6:30 for my morning bootycall (that's what TIU calls their morning workouts) and then I workout again in the afternoon or evening.

Thursday: Sunseeker Workout 3x, Bikini Strap Workout, some arm reps

Friday: Bikini Abs & Bikini Booty (both from the beach babe dvd), 30 minute jog

Saturday: Bridal Babe Workout, Bikini Strap Workout, little bit of abs

Sunday: Bikini Strap Workout 3x, Under the Sea, 20-30 minute jog

Monday: HIT the beach (from the beach babe dvd) Bridal Babe Workout 2x, and some abs

(All workouts mentioned that are not from the beach babe dvd can be found on the Tone It Up youtube channel)

*I think I went on a jog on all of these days.
*I follow the weekly Tone It Up calendar and modify it to fit my needs and schedule.

Tip of the week: Hold yourself accountable! Check in somehwhere! There are so many different methods, its totally up to you which one you choose! You have twitter, instagram, online communities, facebook, blogs, vlogs, food journals, pictures, calorie counting apps, food & fitness journal apps, etc. I tried to keep a food journal for over six months, but it never quite worked for me. I still use it sometimes, but the method I've found to work the best is an online community. I'm a member of the TIU community and I love it! It's free to join! I like it because its more private; I just didn't feel comfortable posting about that on facebook. I didn't want to become "that girl" that's constantly filling up your newsfeed with snap shots of all of her meals and statuses about the gym. Personally, I don't mind it when people do that, I actually find it encouraging, but I know some people can find it annoying. I've also loved starting to do this weekly checkin  with y'all! It's a really nice way to review the past week and hopefully encourage one or two of you! :)

This week K+K have challenged us beach babes to eat lean, clean, and green (emphasis on the green!) They have set up nutrition challenges for us everyday, that encourage us to sneak more greens into our diet. I've risen to the challenge! Day 1 told us to put spinach in a breakfast smoothie, which I did. I'll admit, I was really, and I mean really skeptical. I'd seen people drinking those green smoothies before, and well.... I always thought it looked sick! My smoothie turned out AMAZING, and I discovered that everyone really was telling the truth when they said you cannot taste the spinach. at. all.

Em's Morning Energy Smoothie:

raspberries (frozen)
mangos (frozen)
organic orange juice

Sorry I don't have measurements for y'all! I just put stuff in and blended it up!

I'm taking progress photos today or tomorrow! I don't think I will post them on here.. I don't really feel comfortable with that, but maybe at the end of the bikini series.

Xoxo, em

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  1. Goodness that all sounds so serious and hard! You are doing great and I applaud you for doing this! I don't know if I could...