Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Fashion Inspiration!

Hello lovelies,
It's been many months now since I did a fashion inspiration post, and I miss them. Lately I've been gathering lots of inspiration for summer clothes, makeup, and hair and today I'm going to share just a little bit of it with you!

Summer Fashion:

First off, I adore Dulce Candy's  style! I especially love looking to her for inspiration because she is petite like me, so what works for her will pretty much always work for me!

I've been ADORING skater skirts and chiffon blouses! I definitely need to get some of my own!

I recently tried on this sheer shirt and loved it so much I think I'm going to buy it.

Edgy, but perfect for a night out! :) Another gorgeous example of skater skirts.

For skater skirts I've been eyeing this one,  this one,  and this one.

I adore this casual, cutesy outfit that Dulce wore on vacation in Cabo! Funny thing- I've actually been eyeing that purse at Target for months. I never ended up getting it because I thought it was too dressy for my needs, but I loved how Dulce wore it here. Maybe I'll have to go track it down...

For cutesy, casual pullover sweaters I love this ombre one.

A super easy outfit for those chillier summer days. If you live in a warmer climate you could ditch the jacket and just wear a three quarter length chiffon blouse or a sleeveless one. Your pick! :)

I love the purse above! For a similar one I like this one,  

The perfect weekender outfit. A loose white tee, chambray shirt, black leggings, a crossbody purse, and a few bracelets.

I've been eyeing a lot of purses lately in my quest for the perfect one! I've seen several that I love, they're just so darn expensive!

This is probably my favorite I've seen. The size, the color, the structure, and little details... its perfect!

These weekender bags are so adorable! I really don't have a need for one at the moment, but these would be perfect for vacations, road trips, trips to the beach, to a bed and breakfast, or even for a sleepover at a friends house!

I simply adore this weekender bag,

Happy Memorial Day lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful day spent with family!
Keep a look out for my TIU week 5 post going up tomorrow! :)

Xoxo, em

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  1. I love Rachel's style, she dresses so beautifully!